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Temporary Insurance on Quote & Apply

20 Feb 2020 » Charles_Minderhout

Quote & Apply now supports temporary insurance

Life insurance companies offer temporary insurance so individuals can be insured between applying and accepting their life insurance. The underwriting process can take weeks to months and many individuals want to know they are covered from the moment they sign their application. Temporary insurance can be especially useful when business, personal, or loan agreements require life insurance coverage and you don’t want to wait for underwriting.


  • Each company has their own limitations for offering temporary insurance. Most companies have a maximum death benefit of $1,000,000 and a maximum age of 70. Quote & Apply has the carrier specific rules for temporary insurance and you’ll be presented with the option if you qualify.
  • Payment must be provided in order obtain temporary insurance. You’ll be required to provide EFT information before accepting temporary insurance. Temporary Insurance Screenshot


  • The policy date is typically the date of application so applications with monthly premiums which take more than one month to issue can require back premiums to cover the time after the first month until the policy is issued.


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