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Webhooks. What are they, how are they useful, and how do I use them?

08 Jul 2020 » Charlie_Minderhout, Webhooks, Zapier


Is BOSS not your primary CRM? Are you looking to integrate your Quote & Apply data back into your system of choice? Of course you are. Whether it be homebrewed or off the shelf, we have your integration needs covered through two channels – API and Zapier

What are they?

Webhooks in their simplest form are actions that are triggered when certain events occur. Quote & Apply currently supports webhooks as they relate to electronic_applications aka Quote & Apply applications. Whenever one of your applications is created or updated, you have the ability to receive all the most recent data regarding that application in real time.

How are they useful?

If your day-to-day work life centers around a system other than BOSS webhooks give you the ability to have your data where you need it most to provide convenience and fluidity. They also allows you to trigger endless amount of events and callbacks of your own such as sending emails, assigning tasks, updating contact information, etc.

Can I use them if I don’t have a developer?

OF COURSE! Our development team has taken the time to construct a fully managed integration through Zapier that allows you to utilize our webhooks to perform the aformentioned actions and many many more with thousands of other Zapier partners. See this page for a searchable list of prebuilt recipients of our webhook.

How do I use it?


  1. Head to the integrations page in BOSS to retrieve your API key. Screenshot.
  2. Sign Up for a Zapier Account. If you have one already please proceed to step 3.
  3. Head to the integrations page in BOSS to accept our Zapier invitiation. Screenshot.
  4. Once the invitiation is accepted, you will be redirected to your Zapier dashboard. From there, click MAKE A ZAP in the upper left hand corner. This will take you to the Zap construction page.
  5. Search BackNine Insurance in the choose app input box and click the resulting app.
  6. The choose trigger event input will be automatically selected with the Quote & Apply Application trigger. Click continue.
  7. You will be asked to choose an account to connect. Click Sign into BackNine Insurance. You will be prompted in a pop-up window to permit Zapier access to your BackNine Insurance Account. Paste your copied API key into the box and click continue. Screenshot. You will be taken back to the construction page. Click continue.
  8. You will be asked to test the trigger. Click the button to do so and you will see your most recent application and all of its associated data.
  9. Inspect the data structure to familiarize yourself and hit continue.
  10. You will now need to choose a recipient app and what action to perform in said app. For this demonstration we will want to create a draft email with the received data through a Gmail account.
  11. Search Gmail and select its application.
  12. Choose the action action event from the drop down that says create email. Click continue.
  13. It will ask you to sign into Gmail. Please proceed through the prompts to do so. Click continue.
  14. Map the data to the appropriate fields and click finish.
  15. Turn your Zap on and watch the data flow.


  1. Head to the integrations page in BOSS to retrieve your API key. Screenshot.
  2. Data will be posted to any URL you choose with the data structure and headers as defined in our API docs.
  3. Set up your endpoint to receive the data as we are sending and use it to do as you please.
  4. Input your desired endpoint URL in the POST URL box under the Electronic Application header and click save. Screenshot.
  5. You are able to update or delete this endpoint at any time.


You are allowed one channel of data delivery per webhook type (e.g. API webhook or Zapier, not API webhook and Zapier). For example, we will only post to one URL when updates are made on an application. If you have an existing application API integration, you will not be able to also set up an application Zap and vice versa.


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