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Recruit using Quote & Apply

21 May 2019 » Reid_Tattersall


One simple change in BOSS is all that it takes to turn Quote & Apply into a sign up page for agents. Changing the Start Page from Apply to Select Agent results in Quote & Apply asking agents for their National Producer Number, email, and password. Once the agent creates their account, they will be emailed a Quote & Apply page, have a BOSS login, and will automatically be under your hierarchy.


Change the Start Page to “Select Agent”

Customer Screenshot 1

Agent enters their National Producer Number

Customer Screenshot 2

Agents without accounts see additional questions

Customer Screenshot 2

New and existing agents are then redirected to their Quote & Apply Website

Customer Screenshot 2

Let’s do this:exclamation:

  • Login to your BOSS account.
  • Create or choose an approved domain by going to BOSS > Quote & Apply > Setup > click the :gear: icon > change the value for “Start Page”


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