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Life Insurance Cover Letter

11 Aug 2019 » Reid_Tattersall

You know those things in your life that know you should be doing, but in reality are not? We want to help you with one of them. Although it didn’t make your new years resolution list, implementing cover letters into your life insurance practice will save you time and get better results for your clients.



Let’s do this❗️

During the agent’s Quote & Apply DocuSign session, an empty cover letter will appear. It’s optional, but we suggest providing details on anything you think the underwriter might question.

Example Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to provide a summary of the attached application for Joe Client who is applying for PLAN UL for $1,000,000. Joe Client is a partner in Company Name, LLC. The LLC is applying for Key Person insurance for $1,000,000. The estate of the insured is the beneficiary, as the death benefit will provide to the client’s family the amount relative to the insured’s ownership in the LLC.

Joe had a heart attack about 15 years ago. Although he does not have any current side effects from this heart attack, he does take several medications. The medications prescribed are listed on the application and non-medical attached. Joe also has significant family history, which has precluded him from obtaining the “best” possible offer from other insurance carriers. Beside the heart attack 15 years ago, Joe has stayed in very good health, and because of the family history and the old MI, Joe is very conscientious about his health and takes time to exercise 3 times a week. You should note that his last exam, lab work, and EKG with his primary care doctor were within normal limits. A recent cardiologist work-up was also negative, which I have included as well. We are looking for preferred coverage, and hope that based on his healthy lifestyle you can accommodate this. (Health Summary)

I have ordered the exam and new labs for Joe, which are scheduled for next week.

If you have any questions about this application for Joe Client, please call me at 505-555-5555.



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