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About Instant APS (Attending Physician Statement) for the Insured

14 Aug 2019 » Reid_Tattersall

Instant APS reduces the turnaround time for the attending physician statement from weeks to seconds. It’s a platform that allows insureds to securely share their health data with insurance carriers.

Instant APS takes care of the data integrations with medical facilities so your medical information can be shared with insurance carriers in seconds.

Why does the insurance carrier want my medical records?

Insurance carriers use your medical records in order to underwrite your life insurance application. Your medical records contain information such as your lab results, medications, and office visits which is used to determine the health class for your policy.

Can I opt out?

Yes, you can choose to not provide your electronic health records by notifying your agent. In that case, a copy service will contact your medical facility to obtain a digital or physical copy of your medical records. This process is not preferred because it takes typically takes 2-4 weeks.


There are no costs to the insured to use Instant APS.

Will my agent see my medical information?

No, your electronic health records are not shared with your life insurance agent.

Login trouble?

Instant APS offers convenient links to register for your patient portal or reset your password. We do not provide any additional technical assistance.


Please contact your agent with questions.

Who is BackNine?

BackNine is an insurance wholesaler that works with insurance agents to simplify the selling of life insurance. BackNine works exclusively with insurance agents and does not offer insurance products directly to individuals.