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Instant APS (Attending Physician Statement) for the Agent

14 Aug 2019 » Reid_Tattersall

BackNine’s Instant APS reduces the turnaround time for the attending physician statement from weeks to seconds.

How it works

When an APS is needed, instead of using a traditional medical records retrieval process, an email will go to the insured and agent with a link to a website where the insured can enter the username and password to their medical facility’s patient portal. After the insured successfully authenticates, BackNine will have the insured’s APS to forward onto the carrier.

About the email to your client

  • It’s sent from [email protected], the agent is CC’d, and the Reply To is set to the agent’s email address.
  • Here’s the message:


CARRIER NAME needs your medical records in order to make a decision on your life insurance application (POLICY NUMBER).

Please use this invitation to connect your medical facility’s patient portal with CARRIER NAME. You can learn about the medical records retrieval process by clicking here.

Please contact me at AGENT PHONE or AGENT EMAIL with questions.

Thank you,



There are no added costs to the agent or insured to use BackNine’s Instant APS.

Let’s do this❗️

Instant APS is our default process. We’ll revert to using the traditional APS retrieval process at the agent’s request or if the medical facility does not have a patient portal.


Call us at (800) 790-1951 or email engineering[at]back9ins[dot]com

Reid ✌️