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Nationwide IUL added to Quote & Apply

13 Sep 2019 » Reid_Tattersall

Nationwide’s IUL Accumulator II is now on Quote & Apply


  • Illustrating IUL has never been easier with Quote & Apply. Nationwide is our second IUL carrier which means you can now compare IUL products.
  • Nationwide is one of the few mutual life insurance carriers with an IUL. IUL has non-guaranteed aspects and in the midst of other carriers increasing cost of insurance on inforce policies, it’s important to look at the company.
  • Nationwide’s IUL is enabled by default so you don’t need to made adjustments to your Quote & Apply for it to appear. Note that we only support their accumulation IUL so you’ll only see it under Accumulation IUL within Quote & Apply.
  • Sorry New York, it’s not available.


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Reid ✌️