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Quote Life Insurance within Vertafore's AMS360

14 Mar 2021 » Reid_Tattersall

Agencies that take a multi-channel approach to selling to selling life insurance can better meet the needs of their agents and customers. Allow customers to buy from your website, use Quote & Apply yourself as an agent, and now you can create life insurance opportunities within AMS360. With BackNine’s Quote & Apply browser extension for Vertafore’s AMS360, agents can see life insurance rates within AMS360 and click to complete a pre-filled application. Setup is simple and the integration is free to use. Here’s how to get started.

1. Click here to add BackNine’s Quote & Apply for Vertafore AMS360 extension within the Chrome Web Store


2. Enable life insurance quoting in AMS360

After adding the extension, click the BackNine logo within your Chrome extensions and fill out your AMS360 credentials. png

To obtain your WSAPI credentials, go to AMS360, click the Administration tab followed by Web Service API. png

Click Add to create new connection. Check the box under data security for “Entity Access Security Only” and “Check All” under Entity Access. png

This is what the screen will show once you have set it up: png

3. View life insurance rates within AMS360

png jpg


For questions, existing agents can contact their BackNine marketing manager and new agents can speak with Ian Ryan at [email protected] or (805) 413-4870.