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Make your Quote & Apply Private

26 Dec 2020 » Reid_Tattersall, Privacy

As a public webpage, your Quote & Apply URL can be seen by search engines such as Google. You may not want your Quote & Apply website to show up in search results due to a variety of reasons (e.g. compliance or branding).

Hide your Quote & Apply from Search Engines

When you enable this option within BOSS, we’ll tell search engines to not index your Quote & Apply webpage so it doesn’t show up in search results. It usually takes 24 hours before search engine reindex Quote & Apply pages after which it won’t appear in search results. Hide your Quote & Apply from Search Engines

Your Quote & Apple Webpage is Still Public Though

Although your Quote & Apply webpage won’t show up in search results, anyone who knows the URL can still access it. You can delete your Quote & Apply webpage within BOSS if needed. By deleting it, going to the URL will result in an empty page. Search engines will stop displaying your Quote & Apply webpage as it leads to an empty page. Delete Quote & Apply

In closing

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