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3 Ways to Add Quote & Apply

16 Oct 2018 » Reid_Tattersall

3 Ways to Add Quote & Apply


Below are the three most common Quote & Apply implementations.

1. Embed Quote & Apply into your Website

For customers with an existing website, embedding Quote & Apply allows you to run quotes and take applications on your existing website. Here’s an example website using the embedded method. To set this up, log into BOSS > Quote & Apply > Setup > type in your domain > you’ll receive a script which you can paste into the HTML of your website. Presto!

For customers without a website, or if adding to your website is too difficult (technically or due to compliance), BackNine links are usually the suggested implementation. Over 80% of Quote & Apply applications are completed on a BackNine Link. When you create an account in BOSS, you’ll automatically be emailed a BackNine link, here’s an example BackNine Link: You can create as many BackNine Links as you like and also customize the name (e.g. To create a BackNine Link, log into BOSS > Quote & Apply > click + to add create a new Quote & Apply Link > type in the name you’d like to use > your BackNine Link will be instantly available.

Starting today :wave:, for customers with a website and with a significant amount of agents, Custom Domain Links allow your agents to use Quote & Apply on your domain (e.g. instead of and don’t require you to set up webpages for your agents. To set this up, email [email protected] the subdomain and domain you want to use (e.g. When we reply, you’ll need to log into your domain’s DNS settings (e.g. GoDaddy), type in the subdomain you provided to [email protected] (e.g. life), and point it to the URL included in our email reply. After you save your DNS settings, email [email protected] again so we can activate your subdomain. Afterward, you’ll be able to create links within BOSS > Quote & Apply > Setup with your custom domain. An example use case is a P&C agency with 200 agents, rather than embedding Quote & Apply into 200 pages, simply add the agents into BOSS and they will automatically be emailed a Quote & Apply website on your domain. There is a one-time charge of $1,000 to setup Custom Domain Links (you can then issue as many web pages as you’d like).

You can reach me at [email protected] with questions, thanks!