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3 Ways to Add Quote & Apply

16 Oct 2018 » Reid_Tattersall

3 Ways to Add Quote & Apply


Below are the three most common Quote & Apply implementations.

1. Embed Quote & Apply into your Website

For customers with an existing website, embedding Quote & Apply allows you to run quotes and take applications on your existing website. Here’s an example website using the embedded method. To set this up, log into BOSS > Quote & Apply > Setup > type in your domain > you’ll receive a script which you can paste into the HTML of your website. Presto!

For customers without a website, or if adding to your website is too difficult (technically or due to compliance), BackNine links are usually the suggested implementation. Over 80% of Quote & Apply applications are completed on a BackNine Link. When you create an account in BOSS, you’ll automatically be emailed a BackNine link, here’s an example BackNine Link: You can create as many BackNine Links as you like and also customize the name (e.g. To create a BackNine Link, log into BOSS > Quote & Apply > Setup > type in the name you’d like to use > your BackNine Link will be instantly available.

Starting today :wave:, for customers with a website and with a significant amount of agents, Custom Domain Links allow your agents to use Quote & Apply on your domain (e.g. instead of and don’t require you to set up webpages for your agents. To set this up, log into your domain’s DNS settings (e.g. GoDaddy), type in a subdomain (e.g. app) and point it to (e.g. Notify [email protected] once you’ve saved your DNS changes and we’ll make a change so that you can create links within BOSS > Quote & Apply > Setup with your custom domain. An example use case is a P&C agency with 200 agents, rather than embedding Quote & Apply into 200 pages, simply add the agents into BOSS and they will automatically be emailed a Quote & Apply website on your domain.

You can reach me at [email protected] with questions, thanks!